Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Converge announce tour plans, split 7"EP w/ Dropdead, album update, and more
To celebrate our old age, Converge will be heading out to play some shows in the U.S., UK, and Europe early this summer. We're still confirming dates and specifics, but here's the latest information we have:

05/20: Baltimore, MD @ Otto Bar w/ Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
05/21: Philly, PA @ Broad Street Ministry w/ Dropdead, Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
05/22: Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (All Ages Matinee) w/ Drop Dead, Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
05/23: Burlington, VT @ The Annex w/ Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
05/24: Syracuse, NY @ Lost Horizons w/ Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
05/25: New York City @ Santo's Party House w/ Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
05/26: TBA @ TBA w/ Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
05/27: Morgantown, WV @ 123 Pleasant St. w/ Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
05/28: Toledo, OH @ Frankies w/ Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
05/29: Braddock, PA @ Unsmoke Systems w/ Dropdead, Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
05/30: Chicago, IL @ Reggies w/ Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
05/31: St. Louis, MO @ Fubar w/ Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
06/02: Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas w/ Trap Them, Burning Love, Touche Amore, Title Fight, and more
06/03: Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music Hall w/ Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
06/04: Nashville, TN @ Muse w/ Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
06/05: Raleigh, NC @ The Brewery w/ Trap Them, Burning Love, and more
06/10: Interlaken, Switzerland @ Greenfield Festival w/ Foo Fighters, Social Distortion, Frank Turner, and more
06/11: Brescia, Italy @ LattePiu
06/12: Franconville, France @ Furia Festival w/ Apocalyptica, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and more
06/13: Koln, Germany @ Underground w/ Rise And Fall, Oathbreaker, and more
06/14: London, UK @ O2 Academy Islington w/ Pettybone, 33, and more
06/15: Antwerpen, Belgium @ Trix w/ Rise And Fall, Oathbreaker, and more
06/16: Eindhoven, Holland @ Dynamo w/ Rise And Fall, Oathbreaker, and more
06/17: Schee├čel, Germany @ Hurricane Festival w/ Foo Fighters, Portishead, Arcade Fire, and more
06/18: Clisson, France @ Hellfest w/ Scorpions, Thin Lizzy, Coroner, Bolt Thrower, Bad Brains, and more
06/19: Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany @ Southside Festival w/ Foo Fighters, Portishead, Arcade Fire, and more
06/20: Reykjavik, Iceland @ Faktory Bar
08/19: Richmond, VA @ Canal Club Best Friends Fest w/ Pg. 99, C.O.C., Baroness, and more

Converge & Dropdead Split 7"EP:
We are excited to announce that Converge will be releasing a split 7"EP with our friends in the legendary Dropdead. The split 7"EP will be self released by both bands, and distributed to retailers/distros by Deathwish Direct and Armageddon. If all goes well, look for the release to be available at the U.S. shows mentioned above.

New Album:
We spent a good portion of the winter writing and recording demos for a new album. The album will be released by Epitaph/Deathwish sometime down the road (that means no date is ready to announce yet).

Other Things:
The new Converge DVD is currently being edited. If the Hard Drive Gods smile on us, we hope to get through this process soon and have it released this year. Also Deathwish will be repressing our "Unloved And Weeded Out" collection as a 12"LP soon. The vinyl versions of "Axe To Fall", "No Heroes", "You Fail Me", and "Jane Doe" are available now on Deathwish.

Be sure to check out our other bands/projects, etc: Godcity Studios, Deathwish, Doomriders, Jesuit Reunion shows, APMD, Acid Tiger, and J. Bannon Solo and Artwork

Converge-Axe To Fall

Track List
1-Dark Horse
2-Reap What You Sow
3-Axe to Fall
5-Worms Will Feed
6-Wishing Well
8-Losing Battle
9-Dead Beat
11-Slave Driver
12-Cruel Bloom
13-Wretched World

Label-Epitaph Records

Pressing Info

Youth Of Today-Can't Close My Eyes

Track List
2-Crucial Times
3-I Have Faith
4-Youth Of Today
5-Take a Stand
6-Positive Outlook
7-Can't Close My Eyes
8-We Just Might
9-Youth Crew
10-Take a Stand
11-Stabbed In The Back
12-We Just Might See
13-Wake Up and Live
14-Standing Hard
15-15 Take a Stand
16We Just Might

Lable-Revalation Records

Youth Of Today-We Are Not This Alone

Track List
1-Flame Still Burns
2-Slow Down
3-Choose to Be
4-Put It Aside
5-Wake up and Live
6-No More
7-What Goes Around
8-Potential Friends
9-Time We'll Remember,A
10-Live Free
13-Keep It Up

Release-(Original date 1988),*1999 Under Revalation Records
ReLabel-Revalation Records

Pressing Info


Track List
A1-Conflicting Ideas
A2-Call To Arms
A4-Recurring Nightmare
A5-Beginning Of The End
B1-Night Falls
B2-The Day After
B4-To The Dogs
B5-No Words

Label-Tragedy Records

Pressing Info

Fet Mule-Vagra Leva Pa Kna"7

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Municipal Waste-Waste The World Tour 2009

List band&time Brnwrck Showcase 2011

Set List Band

Chasing villains
My Head Corrupt
Straight Forward
Kids On The Move
Miles away

See u all,BRNWRCK Showcase 2011.

Friday, April 8, 2011

-Fuckkk telinga aku sakit,di sebabkan aku ada habit yang suka mengorek telinga,
bak kata boss aku "Lubang mana orang korek tak sedap,kau korek hidung,best tak? ?"HAHAHAHA,aku hanya mampu tergelak aja bila dia cakap macam tu.
-Lagi 2 minggu aja BRNWRCK SHOWCASE 2011.
-Saya mahu TOUR!
-Hari ni semua orang sibuk ke KLCC untuk tengok show percuma(ada Hoobastank dan Wonder Gurl),aku lebih selesa terbang di dalam awan gelap SAHAJA.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

-Converge*Axe To Fall and Tragedy*Vengeance LP
-Mengantok dan sepi di dalam bangunan macam "stadium"
-Dewa asap makin jauh meninggalkanku
-Layan movie Batle:Los Angeles

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PULLING TEETH/IRONS Grey Savior Split 12″

Featuring the 8+ min PT opus ‘Generals of Dark Hymns’ featuring Rennie Resmini of Starkweather fame. Recorded during the PDPI sessions, a lost gem.
Find it in our distributed 12″ section…

Also all of the XIBALBA/WEEKEND NACHOS/PICK YOUR SIDE/ANCIENT SHORES preorders have SHIPPED! Except for 5 of them that are waiting on Caulfield insert/booklets which should be arriving any day now.

Stay tuned. New releases on April 22nd.

*teks from A389 Recordings
-Hari hujan.
-Aku berterbangan di awangan.
-Endles Road,Miles Away press in Tape.
-Penyakit M aku makin menjadi-jadi .