Thursday, October 27, 2011

makin banyak magic di dalam kehidupan aku,bak kata orang tua-tua mahupun lirik lagu "Kita hanya merancang,tuhan yang menentukan"so . . .
kita tengok apa magic lepas ni plak.alhamdullilah magic kali ini yang baik-baik aja.syukran .

They are back.

This is very significant in my life

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ku bukak mata ,dan aku nampak lagi warna-warna dalam kehidupan ku,terima kasih kerana sambut hati ku yang parah di makan dengan kenangan-kenangan lampau.
sujud,ku bukak tapak tangan ku ...


Fc Five breaks up

Official Statement
Fc Fiveは2012年に行うツアーをもって解散し、メンバーそれぞれが新しい道で闘っていく事を決めました。今まで以上に成長する為に考え抜いた末の決断です。

 2000年に結成して以来12年、全力で駆け抜けてきました。数百回のステージと数千の対バン。数えきれないフライトと気の遠くなる程のドライブ。最高の仲間達の最高の笑顔。このFc Fiveというバンドを通して素晴らしい体験をし、素晴らしい仲間達に出会う事が出来ました。それらは決して心から消える事の無い、まさに人生そのものです。

 来年ベストアルバムをリリースし、最後のツアーを行います。Fc Fiveとして4人で活動出来る残りの月日を考えると寂しい気持ちで一杯ですが、最後の最後まで全力でぶちかまします。会場でみんなに会える事を楽しみにしています。

FC Five has decided to call it a day after the final tour in 2012, we will part ways with each other to pursue new challenge in our lives. This was the decision we had to make after long and deep thoughts, in order for each of us to grow more than ever.

Since the formation of FC Five in 2000, we have devoted full of ourselves to run this monster.

Hundreds of stages and thousands of bands we shared stages.
Countless numbers of flights and excessive hours of driving.
The very best smiles of the very best friends.

Throughout 12 years, we have had amazing experiences as FC Five and enjoyed the opportunities to meet and make great friends. These everlasting memories are marked in our hears and truly our lives.

We are grateful to everyone involved with us who have helped us though times, to the Hardcore scene thoughout the world that passionately supported us, and lastly, to you our fans who have always welcomed us with open arms and warmful hearts.

We will release our greatest hits album and will have our final tour next year.
We are very sad to even think about the end of activities as FC Five, but until then, until the very end, we will crush with everything we have got. Sincerely look forward to the pleasure of seeing everyone of you at the venues,

Come To The End

There is no regret on a silly preface
It migth be distorted and get dirty
Can you see yourself as you are.
You just see the surface
It's not easy for you to wake the false

How many days did you waste uselessly
How many hopes did you give up easily
How many times did you wait for daybreak
It's not easy for you to wake the truth

Everytime I mistake, You hang me up everynight
Death comes quietly and without warning
Everything I hold on never leave me,back me off
Death comes. This is the end

Solitude comes in.
I can't be fullfilled.
This is the proof of the end.

16th Oct 2011

Fc Five

Cruel Hand just wrapped their US headlining tour with A Loss For Words last week and are ready to head back out and hit the road, this time with hardcore legends TERROR. Check out the tour dates below and be sure to follow Cruel Hand on Tumblr to see their tour videos, featuring live performances and hilarious antics and other assorted awesomeness

Terror & Cruel Hand
11/27 Haverhill, MA @ Anchors Up
11/28 Montreal, QC Underworld
11/29 Toronto, ON @ Poor Alex Theatre
11/30 Buffalo, NY @ Funeral Home
12/1 Smithtown, NY @ Smithtown Masonic Temple
12/2 NYC, NY @ Santos Party House w/ Fire And Ice, Strength For A Reason
12/3 Washington, DC @ DC9 w/ Fire And Ice, Strength For A Reason
12/4 Philadelphia, PA @ Barbary w/ Fire And Ice, Strength For A Reason

Counterparts-Jumping Ship

Bahasa Terindah

Yang diucap dalam bahasa terindah.
Jawapan yang bertanya didengar nabi.
Antara kagum dan khusuk setiap ayatnya.
Lereng gunung menjadi amat sunyi.
Suara saja tegas bergema.
Disampai arah berkias maksud serentak, tapi jelas intinya.
Tidak sedetikpun Allah menghindar.
Atau mencemuh nabi disisi segala didoa.
Dipenuhi segala yang dipinta
Tulus dan, penuh baraqah.
Yatim ia tak berlindung,
Tidakkah tersedia juga bumbung baginya.
Awal begitu bergantung,
Kini tidakkah merdeka,
Bebas hidupnya

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jane Doe.

Awesome , fucking awesome .Itulah yang boleh aku cakapkan,mamat ni memang kreatif,macam mana lah dia boleh tefikir untuk buat macam ni? memang power.
100 bintang aku bagi.HEHEHEHE .

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Misery Signals-Bird


Happy Edge Day

Be proud of yourself. Stay clean, Stay true and Stay posi.
Semalam pesta berkaroke bersama teman dari jakarta.HEHEHE .
sudah lama tak rasa enjoy seperti itu,lagu-lagu yang di bawa pulak lagu yang bermakna dalam hidup aku.
ada yang PERGI,ada yang DATANG

Friday, October 14, 2011

Justin Catania

Artwork from Justin Catania.Like this artwork .

Monday, October 10, 2011

Converge Live Hellfest 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Converge-Jane Doe
Converge-You Fail Me
Converge-No Heroes
Converge-Axe To Fall
Converge,Dropdead Split
Converge,Dropdead Split
Converge,Dropdead Spilt
Have Heart

Have Heart-Thins We Carry
Have Heart-Songs To Scream At The Sun
Have Heart-Last Show 19/10/09
Have Heart-Demo 2003 "7
Have Heart-What Counts "7
Have Heart-Thins We Carry CD
Have Heart-Songs To Scream At The Sun CD
Have Heart-Last Show 19/10/09 CD


Have Heart Boston Straight Edge
Have Heart Whats Counts Think Fasr Record
Have Heart Pave Paradise
Have Heart Maroon Live Show
Have Heart Live Show Bridge Nine
Have Heart No Body Dive Like Boston


*masih lagi mencari record dan tshirt-tshirt yang lain .

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kalau mata pen itu kau angkat ia tak kan jadi satu garisan yang lurus .Fikir sedalam-dalam hati aku yang gelap ini .
Steve Miller Band/Let Your Hair Down

Friends And Lovers

I'm a ne'er do well(runnin' off black and goat)
It's high time I pulled over
and walked around a while

I've seen the porcelain shell
Erect some,(skeleter)
And I feel like we walk well together

Because in the end, we are friends and lovers.

If asked of me I would
I would gobble them to bits
The things that wall us off from
where we belong

What's wrong with you is good
for what's wrong with me
and I think maybe we should stick together.

Because in the end, we are friends and lovers
We are friends and lovers.

Abandon all the bold
we've got to pick
they only weigh us down and
we are better than that

if they offer stones
start a collection
of everything we're not
and what's because

we should never have to defend
being friends and lovers.
Being friends and lovers.
Being friends and lovers.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kesibukan yang agak melampau ibarat masak kari sampai melimpah kuar,HAHAHA.Syukran bz-bz pun dapat juga siapkan kerja itu,mulai saat ini hidup aku akan start mengira,HAHAHAHA.
Harap-harap menjadilah seperti yang aku rancangkan.Terima kasih kepada siapa yang support,anda semua inspirasi saya ;)
See you all soon .

Parkway Drive Live in Kuala Lumpur

PARKWAY DRIVE - Byron Bay, Australia [Resist / Epitaph]

Opening By:
Thy Regiment - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [United Front]

Thursday, 15 Dec 2011 @ MCPA Grand Hall, Kuala Lumpur

RM 65 October | RM 75 November | RM 90 Door

Ticket Agent :
Joker - 017 7768744 (Kuala Lumpur)
Dolls Store (Bkt Bintang)
RVDA - 012 3098770 (Melaka)
RSA - 012 5552577 (Perak)
Rebellion Recs - 017 7586082 (Johor)
Quick Reverb - 016 8011914 (Borneo)

Online ticket available at : (int) | (my)
Paypal & Maybank2u Accepted.

For more info : | |

For supporting label/media etc get in touch :
We love CONVERGE .

Parkway Drive South East Asia Tour

Keep tune,will be update,ready this December Kuala LUmpur .